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Shropshire Adventures is a multi-activity adventure centre, nestled on a specially designed 30 acre site on the beautiful Shropshire/Worcestershire border.

First and foremost, we are a family run business dedicated to providing our customers safe and amazing adventure experiences that they won’t forget. Twin brothers Steve and Dan Eddies-Davies have adventure running through their veins; first trained by their father Anthony, they have both since coached outdoor activities in some incredible far-flung countries. They’re experienced, fully qualified and their enthusiasm is infectious!


They will guide you at every step of the way and ensure every detail is catered for.

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Meet Steve and Dan the dynamic duo of the great outdoors. By day they're the tag team titans of admin and adventure, juggling paperwork and paddles with equal finesse. With Steve and Dan at the helm you're not just signing up for an adventure, you're getting double the fun, double the laughter and probably double the confusion.


Steve Eddies-Davies


Dan Eddies-Davies

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